Friday, November 27, 2009

Corn Bags and Slippers from Basista

Looking for a Christmas gift which is not expensive and at the same time eco-friendly?           Try bags and slippers made out of corn husks.   

Indigent families from Basista, Pangasinan have transformed corn husks (which used to be thrown away after harvesting the corn) into bags and slippers. The corn husks are gathered from corn fields and then handcrafted into twine, then braided. This is then turned into apparel. Not only is the income of folks in and around the fifth class municipality augmented by the proceeds from the sale of the products, this project also contributes to the protection of the environment by eliminating the need to burn the discarded husks. The corn husk bags and slippers sell for P150-P540 at the ECHOStore.

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  1. we are conducting a feasibility study about bags and slippers made of corn husk.. we are from tarlac, can we ask for your kind assistance with this matter? thank you and Godbless.


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